"2022 Canada Acupuncture and TCM Continuing Education Conference" and
“International Summit Forum for

Zhang Jin's Acupuncture Manipulation Techniques Academic Thought and School Inheritance"

"2022加拿大注册中医师针灸师继续教育学术大会” 暨 “张缙针刺手法学术思想及流派传承国际高峰论坛"


    我们是通过加拿大人力资源发展部认证的教育机构,得到就业部和移民部的认可。同时我们也获得多伦多市政府执照和标准、加拿大税务注册。这就允许我们学院的学生申请政府的财政援助,允许毕业生有资格参加 R.Ac和R.TCMP 所需的泛加拿大中医和针灸考试。



   自从 1998 年以来,我们已经培训了众多优秀的针灸师和中医师。我们在该领域的最前沿,并很高兴为您提供学习中医药的机会。我们为您提供的技能、知识和环境,帮助您实现您所有的学术和职业的目标。


Ontario College of

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a leader in education and professional development offering the most advanced theoretical and practical training available today. We employ exceptional faculty and cultivate a rich academic environment. Our heritage lineage of acupuncture manipulation techniques has been passed on from Master Jin Zhang, a world-renowned expert in needle manipulations, and we carry this tradition on to you.

Our mandate is to share the wisdom of tradition and our lineage with you while we explore the possibilities of practice in today’s diverse medical world.
Our specialties include Advanced Needle Manipulations as taught by Master Jin Zhang, Wu’s Head Massage which was created by our president, TCM as practiced in integrative medical contexts, and Qigong or energy medicine.

We are certified by Human Resource Development Canada as an educational institution and recognized by the Minister of Employment and Immigration.

We also registered with Toronto Municipal Licensing & Standards, and the Canada Revenue Agency. This means that students of our college can apply for government financial assistance if qualified and that graduates can apply to write the PanCanadian TCM and Acupuncture exams to qualify for R.Ac and R. TCMP titles.

Our Affiliate Degree program allows you to apply to Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the completion of your second year and to transfer your OCTCM credits so that you can earn a Bachelor of Medicine, Masters or Ph.D. degree through further study in China.

Our college provides flexible schedules, comfortable and accessible learning environments, friendly and knowledgeable staff and a convenient location with free parking. Full and part-time schedules are sure to meet your needs for the day, night or weekend classes.

Since 1998, we have trained exceptional acupuncturists and TCM practitioners. We are at the forefront of the field and are excited to offer you the opportunity to study this treasured medicine. We provide you with skills, knowledge, and community to help you realize all of your academic and professional goals.