The 8th International Conference of Western Studies on Chinese Medicine and 2020 Canada Acupuncture and TCM Continuing Education Conference




Fees include: Conference registration, conference materials, beverages and snacks. Once the paper is submitted and registration fee received, the formal invitation letter and the guide for applying for visa plus detailed conference information will be sent to you. Cancellation must be made in advance in writing to the conference secretariat. A 70% refund of the registration fee and conference collaterals will be sent via mail to delegates who are unable to attend the conference.

​You will receive 16 hours of CEU (continuing education) credits upon your completion of our conference sessions. Please inform us if you’re registered under a different name with the CTCMPAO, and we will make changes accordingly.

Notice: 本地参会者的欢迎晚宴需另付$ 80. A welcome dinner for local participants will be charged an additional $80.

            国际与会者由于签证问题无法入境,书面通知大会筹委会秘书处,大会将会退还注册费用的70%, 并赠送大会论文集。

Registration Fee (International USD)

Registration Fee ( Local CAD)



Registration Made Before May 1, 2020



Registration Made Before June 1, 2020



Registration Made After June 1, 2020


Other School Students Registration


Online Registration (Live Video)

费用包括: 报名费, 论文集 , 茶点。
缴纳注册费和提交论文后,大会筹委员将发出正式的邀请函和详细的签证, 入境和参会指南。由于入境签证原因而不能参会者,须书面通知大会筹委会秘书处,大会将退还注册费的 70%,并赠送大会论文集。


How to register:
1. Fill the conference registration form
2. Email your form to

3. Or click the Online Registration link and follow the instruction to complete 

A confirmation letter will be sent to you upon the completion of your registration.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 905-477-8855.

1. 请仔细填好大会注册表格
2. 电邮发送您的表格至

3. 或直接点击网上报名链接,完成报名程序


如有任何问题与建议,请拨打 905-477-8855.