The 8th International Conference of Western Studies on Chinese Medicine and 2020 Canada Acupuncture and TCM Continuing Education Conference



Academic Submission

(For potential speakers only)


Possible Sub-Themes: 

· 新型冠状病毒中医治疗的研究

  Research on Chinese Medicine Treatment for COVID-19

· 中医在西方国家的传播
  Spread of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Western Countries

· 中医立法,教育,管理的研究
  Study of Legislation, Education and Management of Traditional Chinese Medicine

· 中医针灸诊所管理的研究
  Study on Management of Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Clinics

· 亳针及各类针法手技
  Manipulative Needling Techniques and Different Types of Acupuncture

· 传统灸法及灸法新技术
  Traditional Moxibustion and the New Method of Moxibustion

· 推拿按摩点穴手法
  Manipulative Techniques of Tui Na and Pressure Point Massage

· 跌打骨伤手法
  Manipulative Techniques of 趺打(Bone-setting) and Osteology

· 中医美容手技
  Manipulative Techniques of Chinese Cosmetology

· 四大经典的研究
  Study of the Four Literature Classics of TCM

· 中医心理-情志,心理中西医心理比较学研究
  TCM Psychological Emotion, Comparative Study of Psychology in Chinese and Western Medicine

· 互联网与中医研究
  Study of the Integration Between the Internet and Traditional Chinese Medicine

· 气功太极
  Qi-gong and Taiji

· 情志疗法/催眠术
  Psychotherapy and Hypnosis
· 传统医药理论与试验研究
  Research and Testing on the Theory of TCM

· 优势病种的临床研究
  Clinical Studies of Illnesses More Effectively Treated Using TCM

· 科研成果报告
  Report of Scientific Research Achievements

· 临床治疗现场演示
  Live Clinical Demonstrations